A major part of our BPM Bridging Process is we provide a vast array of services to our clients that are both proactive and reactive. Many of the services you would expect, but many you wouldn’t.

Over the life time of a client relationship, going into second and third generations, there are countless service we provide for our clients and their families to help bridge them to their destinations.

Wealth Management Solutions Edmonton

Wealth Management

  • Insider filings
  • Trading
  • Research
  • New Issue
  • Cash management
  • Global institutional strategies
  • Risk profile

We are all about providing a successful investment experience. That means more than considering investment returns. Our portfolio strategies offer peace of mind knowing that a transparent approach backed by decades of research is powering every decision. Having a disciplined investment strategy that is aligned with a client’s goals is crucial. The key to a good long-term investment experience is being able to stay with your strategy, even during tough times.

  • CPP/OAS Planning
  • Budget planning
  • Required rate of return
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Recreational aspirations

A strong retirement plan is about having peace of mind. Some clients want to retire, others want to achieve a work optional lifestyle. In either case we understand what retirement looks like to our clients and have a plan that backs it. The clarity of having all your financial affairs accounted for then integrated into where your going creates a sense of ease. Our clients have worked extremely hard; we want to empower them to think about what they are passionate about leading into retirement, not worrying if they will make it.

  • Cash flow planning
  • Net worth planning
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Rates

Financial planning is key when setting a base for where a client is heading. We know what client’s goals and aspirations are, we even can easily understand a rough timeline. But how do we keep track of the progress, and ensure we are on the most efficient route to a client’s destination if we don’t have the plan in place. We take all the pieces of the puzzle for the client and put them into a clear and concise picture, so they have a simple way to understand their progress. Financial planning is not static; our process is dynamic and all encompassing, understanding that as your life unfolds, so does your needs. We have the process in place to be as dynamic as clients are.

  • Legacy planning
  • Succession planning
  • Asset transfer

While our process incorporates estate and succession planning, we go beyond the traditional issues associated with working with wealthy business families. We explore the human side of succession and wealth. This means understanding the people involved, encouraging and creating an open flow of communication to remove uncertainty as family transitions roles. A big aspect to this is helping clients pass along their values to the next generation, giving them the confidence and experience to be successful. We become insiders to the family business to understand how we can provide resources to set everyone up for success.

Risk Management

  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Key person insurance
  • Life insurance

As clients build their wealth and grow their businesses and families, it is essential for them to not forget about protection. Our process is as much about preservation as it is accumulation. Nothing is over looked as we know critical financial events often happen when we least suspect them. With the right questions and resources, we have thoughtful conversation around the what ifs of life.


  • Tax planning
  • Reporting
  • Registered account strategies
  • Business owner and Incorporate professional strategies

Tax policies continue to target the top 5% of earners in Canada making it more top of mind for clients. Our process goes beyond putting money to work; we also know it is important to keep as much as we can. While we are not advising tax lawyers or accountants, we work daily with these professional to have strategies ready for our clients. We have unique strategies specifically for business owners and incorporated professionals to help them minimize their tax bill. We work with the best tax experts in the space, not forgetting that clients sometimes come to us with existing tax advisors. Our partnership approach ensures we build relationships with these people so we can bring a consistent coordinated plan to clients.


  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trusts
  • Holding companies

Clients knowing that their wishes will be fulfilled upon passing is often not a hot topic. But going through the process and understanding what can happen is enlightening. While we are big on building relationships with everyone in the family and creating communication channels for transitions, it is important that the legal backside is covered as well. Having a razor clear understanding of what you want is key as we ensure we minimize tax and discrepancies in the will.

Private Banking

  • Lending
  • Credit
  • Personal
  • Mortgages
  • Medical Professional financing

Our clients are unique, so we want to provide a banking offering that makes sense. Growing businesses, managing debt and enjoying life. We can provide unique financing techniques that business owners can rely on.

Charitable Giving

Some clients reach a point in their life where they want to give back. Charitable giving can be very beneficial both for the group receiving the assets as well as our clients. Understanding the options available gives them the ability to donate in a way that creates the most benefit as they see fit. We are not only here to build and protect wealth, but our process also factors in the transferring of it in a way to build and maintain our client’s legacies.

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