What is National Bank Financials relationship to the Esposito Advisory team?

National Bank Financial is the wealth management division of National Bank of Canada. The Esposito Advisory team is a leading team that operates within National Bank Financial. Our relationship provides clients an experience of a unique wealth group with a family office environment, as well as the backing and security of a big six bank.

What type of communication could I expect as a client?

Our communication patterns are customized by the client. Depending on what a client requires is how we tailor our services. We have clients that have unique and sophisticated needs that require us to speak as often as daily to every month, where other clients prefer annual or bi-annual updates.

What is your fee structure?

We believe transparency is key, especially when looking at what fees would exist. We are up-front with all fees prior to receiving any commitment from a client; this ensures that clients are aware and happy before proceeding.

Our initial assessment will help us understand what your needs are; looking at services and investment profile we can then create a fee structure that is customized to you.

Do you have a minimum account size?

When looking at new client referral, we use $1,000,000 as a line in the sand that helps us make assessments and assumptions when meeting with a new client when it comes to historic portfolios and the underlying fees.

We understand that on the road to wealth there is a tremendous investment not only in time and commitment, but also capital. Our unique approach allows us to take on new clients at different stages in their life. We want to grow with our clients and ensure they receive the best advice along the way so we always assess a potential client on FIT, rather than just a number they can write a cheque for at that moment in time.

I currently have a portfolio at another institution, can I get a second opinion?

We want everyone to have a successful investment experience; sometimes this is just about having confidence with the strategy and process currently in place.

If you feel you have a significant portfolio and have questions to whether the decisions you’ve made are in the best interest to your future, reach out to us. We will give second opinions as per request.

How will my money be invested?

Your money will be invested as per our plan and proposal presented to you. Having many different tools, asset classes, and holdings, it is hard for us to know what this will look like until we have a better understanding of who you are and what your needs are.

We assess your risk profile, timeline, and gauge your needs short term to tailor a portfolio for you.

For large investors and institutional clients, we are able to totally customize and help source solutions that fit their needs. Working with these clients, we understand that there are sometime regulatory constraints, tax incentives, as well as insider lock-ups and filings that can create restrictions and or benefits.

Who is your typical client?

Our typical client is someone that has a goal or idea on what they believe their wealth will help them achieve. Whether it is to maintain their current lifestyle or to live out their dreams, our typical client is enlightened to why they have worked so hard to get to the point they have.

Business owners, lawyers, consultants, medical professionals, professional athlete, serial entrepreneurs, the list goes on. If we take a step back, it is hard to put our finger on one group and say they are our typical client. In some shape or form, all of our clients have started, invested, founded, or worked within some type of business.

Our typical clients are nice people that value trust and loyalty. They have purpose and see value in working with a group that has a process to help them simplify the way their wealth is managed.

How do I become a client?

If you are a referral from one of our trusted clients or partners, we would be happy to connect with you and send some information out prior to our meeting. If you have interest in understanding what we do for our clients and not an existing referral, reach out to us. We would like to get a better understanding of who you are and your situation prior to meeting with us.

Contact us to schedule a meeting

Can you be my advisor if I don’t live in Edmonton or Alberta?

Yes. As we continue to take advantage of advances in technology, communication becomes much easier as this is typically our only restraint. We are licensed across the country, and registered with most provincial securities associations and continue to grow our reach.

As we continue to grow outside of Edmonton, as does the amount of trips we make to where our clients reside. When we’re on-boarding a client, we are realistic with them on how often we can physically meet face-to-face when living in more remote locations.

Is my money safe?

As investment advisory team in Canada, we are regulated by Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) whose mandate is to set and enforce regulatory and investment industry standards, protect investors and strengthen market integrity.

National Bank Financial is also a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) providing protection within prescribed limits suffering losses if client property comprising securities, cash, and other property held by such member firm is unavailable as a result of insolvency of the firm.

The Esposito Advisory Team walks through a risk analysis process which not only helps define a client’s risk profile, but provides education and understanding for a client using graphs, and historical numbers to better understand what this risk profile has meant in the past. Lastly, The Esposito Advisory Team does not invest/divest any holdings without full client consent.

What is the difference between The Esposito Advisory Team and other groups?